Upcoming Exhibition: Reflections on Nature, group exhibition at Wilkes Art Gallery, April 5 - May 11. N. Wilkesboro, NC. Opening reception, Friday, April 12, 6-8 pm. More info…


Patterns of nature, her seasons and cycles and our connection to them are the primary themes of my work, whatever my format or approach. I paint in oils, also in watercolor. I make collages and altars. The process and the images themselves evolve as I make them. I choose to make explicit that which has always been implicit in my work - that creating art is a spiritual practice.

Adele Wayman’s paintings reveal the techniques and nuances of her chosen medium. The artist meticulously works and reworks her canvases adding layers of paint only to scrape them off to repaint the surface again and, often, again. Wayman’s paintings can reveal two different scenes or the same scene in different light, different moods or veer toward abstraction—letting the viewer deep into the artist’s nuanced mind, as it wanders with focused attention through the seasons outside the big bay windows of her studio. As Wayman named her studio, Forest Light, so too has she titled her exhibition at the Turchin Center. Inspired by the natural world, she has chosen to live in the secluded wooded country side outside of Greensboro, NC where she honors the light through daily meditation and work in her studio.

Mary Anne Redding,
Curator, Turchin Center of Visual Art,
Appalachian State, Boone, NC