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Patterns of nature, her seasons and cycles and our connection to them are the primary themes of my work, whatever my format or approach.

Most paintings are of trees, water, skies, mountains, or flowers, grasses or leaves, painted in light, as metaphors for ourselves. Others are more symbolic, goddess figures, Buddhist images, and may include lace, bones, clocks and small altarpieces. All represent the natural world realistically or as symbols. Sometimes there is up close detail, other times broad patterns of light or pattern. Materials are oil sticks and oil paint on cotton or linen canvas and wood. Collages are made from my photo copied drawings and paintings, art from other times and places, text, beads and lichen. Watercolors have also been central to my practice for many years. The process and the images themselves evolve as I make them.

Some works are more sculptural and varied in their use of materials. Some of these works are altars and may be used for personal or group rituals. I choose to make explicit that which has always been implicit in my work - that creating art is a spiritual practice.


Upcoming Events:

ADELE WAYMAN - Watercolors

At The Artery in November and December

Here are images of some of the paintings in the exhibition to whet your appetite! The paintings include Virginia mountain landscapes and trees; Georgian Bay islands, sky and water, Oak Island; paintings and studies of fire and a new series of mandalas - circular paintings inspired by Tibetan Buddhist mandalas, Pennsylvania Dutch barn paintings, Native American symbols and free inventions. Come check them out!